Scholarship Rules and Conditions 

Each year Post 166 helps young men and women pursue their post high school education by awarding scholarships to help pay for tuition or other school-related needs. Here are the eligibility requirements to apply for this fiinancial assistance. You will also find at the bottom a link to access the scholarship application.

1.  Those eligible to apply for the scholarship shall be the child/grandchild, or legally adopted child, or a child of a spouse by a prior marriage, or  dependent child of an active/retired member of the United States Armed Services which includes the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserves.

2.  United States Armed Services member defined in Item 1. The member must be a member of Post # 166 in Ocean City, Maryland.

3. The recipient must be a high school senior or high school graduate to apply for the scholarship.

4. The recipient must be accepted or enrolled as a full-time/part time student to receive his/her scholarship funds.

5. The American Legion Scholarship is for undergraduate study at an accredited institution of higher education within the United States.

6. The number and amount of the scholarship awards will be determined by the income derived from The American Legion Scholarship Trust.

7. The scholarship funds may only be used to defray necessary costs of the student’s education (i.e. tuition, room & board, books & supplies, fees and equipment required by the student’s particular course of study or school).

8. Scholarship awards will be sent directly to the accredited institution.



If you have received a scholarship award from Post 166, you are eligible for continued assistance while you are in school without having to fill out another application. All you need is a copy of your student transcript. Go to the next page for instructions on how to apply for continued scholarship aid.

Click Here to download a copy of the Scholarship Application. When completed mail the application to: 

American legion Post 166

Attn: Scholarship Committee

PO Box 63, Ocean City, MD, 21843.

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