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Programs of the American Legion, Department of Maryland
and Maryland Government.


  1. Department of Maryland

  2. Maryland One VA

  3. VA Health Care System

  4. Veterans Assistance and Rehabilitation

  5. Maryland's Military Funeral Honors Program

  6. Children and Youth

  7. Maryland Veterans Legislation

  8. National Security and Foreign Relations

  9. Maryland Armed Forces and Related Legislation

  10. Community Service Programs

  11. Maryland Sons of The American Legion

  12. Links to Maryland Posts

  13. Contact the American Legion, Dept. of MD.


National Legion and Federal Agencies

  1. American Legion

  2. American Legion in Action

  3. National Convention

  4. Request copies of Military Records

  5. Social Security e-News

  6. National web site for Veterans Beneifits

Affiliated Organizations

  1. Legislative Action Center

  2. Sons of The American Legion

  3. American Legion Auxiliary

  4. Worcester County Veterans Memorial

  5. Citizens Flag Alliance

  6. Child Welfare Foundation

  7. National American Legion Press Association (NALPA)

  8. Children’s Miracle Network

  9. The National Flag Day Foundation, Inc.

  10. The Department of Homeland Security

  11. ARBA: Army Review Boards Agency

  12. The Desert Storm Memorial Drive, Inc

  13. U.S. Census Bureau Public Information Office

  14. Military Move/ Relocation Help


    Mesothelioma Guide

    If you served aboard some of our older ships, you may have been exposed to asbestos and may be developing Mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer. If you were exposed to asbestos at any of our military bases you should read the Mesothelioma Guide, just click on it below.