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2019 - Jack Hyle 2018 - Ben Dawson 2017 - Joe Salafia
2016-Bill Wolf 2015 - Ed Hansen 2014-Martin Price
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HISTORY 2005 - 2018

During the 2004 /2005 American Legion Year, Nate Pearson recommended and later made a motion that the Board of Directors of Post 166, approve the adoption of the "LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR" program.
He provided the Executive Committee with the selection Criteria which included the following:


1. Leadership in American Legion Activities and Functions.
2. Leadership in Department activities and events.
3. Leadership in District functions and Activities.
4. Devoting regular volunteer time in service in Post 166 activities & events
5. Service on a post 166 Committee.
6. Attendance & Participation in general membership meetings.
7. Attendance & Support in post 166 dinners, parties & functions.
8. Making positive contributions,& recommendations for Post 166 improvements.
9. Special involvement in Post 166 programs.
10.Hours devoted to working at post 166

NOTE: Not all these criteria will be required to become eligible for consideration. Legion members and Executive Board members may also recommend members for consideration.


Initially, the selection committee will consist of three past commanders. Once established,, the committee shall consist of the most recent "Legionnaire of the Year ''serving as Chairman with two other Legionnaires of the year on the Committee with the Post Commander.

Recognition and Awards for Legionnaire selected:

1. The Name of the winner will be engraved on a Post 166 Plaque titled: LEGIONNAIRE OF THE YEAR.
2. A PHOTOGRAPH AND WRITTEN ARTICLE WILL BE DEVELOPED AND submitted to local newspapers for publication and also appear in the Post newsletter.
3. An engraved individual plaque will be presented to the winner at an appropriate American Legion or meeting.