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Synepuxent Post 166


The Color Guard is one of the uniformed groups in the Legion and serve as the American Legion's "display cases", so to speak. At Parades, Funerals and special events, they advertise the Legion's size, scope and substance to the public at large; they are one of the finest opportunities for post public realtions. They afford those involved a sence of accomplishment, and a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment.




Post 166 Colorguard with the NJROTC Colorguard.

POST #166 COLOR GUARD 1960’s-2018

The color Guard at Post #166 was established in the 1960’s and the exact date is not available.

If anyone has this info please come forward. The Color Guard is an asset to our Post and are

on call at all times for details throughout the South Eastern Shore and lower Delaware..

The current members who are considered on duty are as follows:

Glen Reely (Captain)            Earl Hewitt            Johan Nykvist            Nate Pearson

Eric Nilsson             Bo Spicer              Bob Brennan          Sarge Garlitz          Manny Perez

The following are members of the two Berlin Posts on call:

Boggs-Disharoon Post #123 Vincent Holloway                Colby Bunting

Duncan-Showell Post #231            Larry Duffy                     Kenneth Morris

Former Members:


James Compston

Warren Disbrow

John Sauer

Elmer Muth

David Lewis

Joe Kuhl

Fred Meula


Victor Beard                   Tom Hannon

Warren Barbour               Bud Breidenstein

Gerald Clark                  Jack Rochfort

Mike Patryn              Charles Rummel

Oberlin Mason                    Al Ferguson

Herbert Merical           Wendell Robertson

Al Bucholz                 James Grimm


James Hudson

Ken Schneider

Frank Langley

Ed Shaner

Tom Litzinger

Art Skyles




It is for “shore” that some names have been missed and if a name is thought of,

please get in touch with the Webmaster and we will make “shore” it is noted.