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Dear Legion Family Members and Friends,

The American Legion extends its congratulations to presidential nominee Donald Trump for his victory in Tuesday’s election after an historic and memorable campaign. Congratulations also go out to the newly elected members of Congress.

With the election concluded and the transition of power taking shape, it’s time for us to rise above the vitriol that flooded the campaign. It’s time for cooler heads to prevail and to work together for our beloved and grateful nation — the one we defended with our lives. It’s time for our elected representatives to work toward the good of all Americans, regardless of their gender, age or race.

It’s time for our new commander in chief to shore up our national defense, protect our northern and southern borders, and deliver a budget to Congress that ensures that our military has the resources to keep Americans and our allies safe.

It’s time to defeat the Islamic State. Period.

It’s time for President-elect Trump to follow through on his pledge to improve health care for all veterans, as outlined in an interview with The American Legion.

It’s time for the new president to reveal the details of his plan to provide a spark to the economy and get more Americans — especially veterans — working again.

It’s time to end sequestration.

It’s time for Congress to reform and modernize the archaic VA appeals process.

It’s time for the president and Congress to develop real solutions to the specific needs of today’s generation of veterans coming home with PTSD, TBI and amputated limbs at the highest rates we have ever experienced.

The people have spoken. The president-elect and new Congress must set aside their differences, their political agendas and work for the common good. President-elect Trump and our democratically elected Congress must address these and other issues which are vital for the success of our nation and our veterans.

It’s time.

Carry the legacy forward.

Charles E. Schmidt
National Commander