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For 2016, our Goal was 342 and Goal Plus was 346. To date we have 347 members -- of which 22 are our Junior members. So thank you ladies, we made it!! We are in 7th place for membership in the Southeastern Shore District.
As I stated in the last newsletter, it is not too late to keep your 2016 membership current. Whether or not you have taken part in the activities of our Unit, by your enrollment and payment of dues has contributed to the achievements of the Auxiliary during the past year. We will start collecting for 2017 the first week of July. We will be turning in our first batch of “Early Bird” renewals during the American Legion Convention being held the week of July 11th at the Convention Center. If you want to be one of the first “Early Birds”, please send in your renewal or drop off at the Post by July 13th. We will hand-carry them to the Convention on Thursday, July 14th. Senior dues are $25.00 and Junior members are $5.00.
Our Auxiliary meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with the social hour starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Post. There are no meetings in June and August. We will be having our installation of officers and presentation of awards on Tuesday July 19th at 7:00PM. Following the meeting will be an Ice Cream Social. We try and reach out and keep our members informed by email as well as regular mail. Please let me know if you have an email address, if your email address has changed or if your mailing address has changed. This way we can keep records up to date both here in the Unit as well as sending any changes to the Department of Maryland. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or email me at Tinaauxunit166@aol.com.
Tina Preziotti
1st Vice president

How to Join the
The largest women’s patriotic service organization in the world.

1.    Print off and complete the American Legion Auxiliary Membership Application: English Version (pdf) | Spanish Version (pdf)   

2.    Obtain proof of your eligibility. Note: If the person who provides your eligibility is a member of 
       The American Legion, eligibility documentation is likely not necessary; however you do need to
       provide his or her American Legion member ID number and Post information on your application.
       If the person who provides your eligibility is deceased, acceptable eligibility documents include:
    a.    DD-214 Discharge Papers (not issued until after the Korean War)
    b.    Official Military Orders
    c.    Official Military Service Citations/Awards
    d.    Letters related to the veteran’s military service. Must be on official government letterhead
    e.    Certificate from the VA records center in St. Louis
    f.     Data from the back of older discharges
*DD-214 Discharge Papers can be requested online by visiting www.archives.gov

3.    Do you know of an American Legion Auxiliary Unit in your community that you would like to join?
    a.    If yes, contact a member of that Unit so you can submit your membership application & eligibility
           documentation, if required. Members of the Unit can inform you of their programs, mission activities, events,
           and annual dues.
    b.    If no, contact the American Legion Auxiliary Department Headquarters in your state. They can help you connect
           with American Legion Auxiliary units in your area or sign you up for membership in the department
           headquarters unit. Find your state’s American Legion Auxiliary contact information here.

4.    Once your membership application has been accepted, submit your annual dues payment to your local
       American Legion Auxiliary Unit. Your unit will forward your application and dues payment to your Department
       Headquarters for processing.

5.    Thank you for submitting your application for membership. We appreciate your desire to help veterans and their